The mission of the cryptocurrency.

The introduction of the blockchain appeared since the beginning as a revolutionary step for mankind. The principles of trustlessness, decentralization, immutability of transactions and of the initial money emission conditions, the exclusion of the middlemen and relative costs are all breathtaking concepts indeed especially because they have been practically realized in the delivered code that everybody can verify by himself. Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies that was trying to develop and improve the initial idea has become very popular over time. Many people all around the world have become involved both as developers and as traders/hodlers. However more than one decade after the initial launch it seems to be clear that no incisive real world use of the cryptocurrencies has been realized so far. Thus the uncovered speculative potential of the cryptocurrencies has become the main focus for the majority of its users. We believe that the cryptocurrency has yet the undiscovered or at least not clearly formulated mission - to improve the people's lives by financing the technological and humanitarian projects that can't be funded by traditional means.


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