Slimcoin is a novel, energy-efficient cryptocurrency fairly launched in 2014. It’s the first known coin that uses the Proof of Burn mechanism to generate blocks. Additionally, it uses Proof of Work and Proof of Stake, making it the first and unique coin with three different block generation mechanisms.

Slimcoin doen’t have any hierarchic or centralized structure - so there is no official development team - anybody is welcome to contribute as much as he can and wish.

How to participate

Our main discussion platforms are Bitcointalk, Discord and Reddit.

If you want to help with development & documentation: Go to our Github page. There you can also find our wiki.

Slimcoin Exchanges

You can trade, buy and sell Slimcoin at the following exchange:

Download Slimcoin’s binaries & Source Code

The current beta release is 0.6. You can download Windows and Mac OS binaries or the source code to compile in our “Releases” section.

The source code of the latest stable version can be downloaded from the “master” branch on Github.

Earning Slimcoins: Mining, Minting & Burning

Slimcoin is a relativelly easy to get cryptocurrency. There are several methods to earn it by helping with the validation process:

  • by Proof of Work mining. You can earn Slimcoin even if you don’t want to spend your money to buy it - just mine it with your computer. Slimcoin’s algorithm, DCrypt, is best suited for CPU mining. No ASICs are known for it. Here is the Mining Guide for you.

  • by Proof of Stake minting. Once you’ve got some Slimcoins, you can help with stake minting. Which means that you just need to hold some Slimcoin and spend some time keeping your wallet open. It isn’t necessary to mint 24 hours a day to get your reward, as Slimcoin uses the original Peercoin Proof of Stake mechanism - the rewards are fixed at 10% of your stake per year: as long as you connect to the network from time to time, it’s very likely you’ll find the blocks. Here is our Proof of Stake minting guide.

  • by Proof of Burn minting. A part the methods described above, Slimcoin offers the unique method of Proof of Burn minting. This method is for those who who have large financial resources and can afford a long term “investment”. Burning coins is similar to buying a virtual mining farm. You have to be aware of the associated risks: the price of SLM could go down or the difficulty can go up considerably lowering your profitability, if new “burners” enter the game. On the other hand, you can get higher rewards over time than just by PoS minting, above all if you have a considerable amount of SLMs to burn. Small burn “investments” are not recommended, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, as in this case the probability to find blocks can be low. Here is our Proof of Burn minting guide.

About the Slimcoin project website

This website is maintained by the Slimcoin community. If you want to contribute, please register at Github, fork the repository and create pull requests. Long-time community members can also ask for direct write access. Even if you don’t want to write content here your suggestions are always welcome.